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About Us.


At 3 for 1 glasses we believe there is a need for more than one pair of glasses!  If you wear clear glasses then you may need your prescription in your sunglasses.  If you play sports you may want contact lenses and if you're over forty you may have a need for reading or computer glasses.  Depending on your work environment you may need safety glasses.

This is why we sell three pairs of glasses for the price of one.

At 3 for 1 glasses your choices are put together based on your particular needs. Every package is customized and you have a full year (from the date of purchase of your first pair of glasses) to make your other two choices. In order to fit into different budgets our frames start at $99. We also offer Designer Eyewear which ranges in price.  You will pay for one frame and one set of lenses, while the second and third sets of lenses and frames are at no charge to you.